Haci Bekir decided to modernize their products' packaging in order to catch up with 21st century trends and appeal to a younger customer group as well. My approach is to keep the traditional side of the century-old brand and approach it with a modern eye, including typography, utilization of colors, patterns and Haci Bekir logos.
This trio of Turkish Delights is all about traditional but yet unpredicted tastes. They have spicy flavors such as ginger, cinnamon and clove. Since these three were going to be marketed as a group, their packaging also needed to be unified at some level. The number one thing I put into my design was the specific colors. Even if you have not read the box covers, you would get a sense of the warm but spicy ingredients. Second element was the pattern and it was the key for unifying the trio into one group. The pattern consists of the three plants’ pictograms. Although the pattern is same on each of them, it has a different plant highlighted on every one of them, in order to match the taste in the box.
Packaging design, 2017

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