The stationery brand that I’ve founded, PK Design, made a collaboration with one of the biggest print houses and stationery brands in Turkey, Keskin Color.
We wanted to collaborate on a concept that could be applied to multiple products. PK Design’s product line mainly consists on typographical designs which are based on certain concepts. So I wanted to reflect that style on this project as well.
IDEA and PLAN series are essentially based on the need to organize thoughts, weekly plans and keep track of one’s daily life. Therefore, I have come up with new meanings for these two words and shaped my design accordingly: IDEA, Intelligent Dreamer’s Everyday Approach, and PLAN, Personal Layout About Necessities.
Concept & Design by PK Design, Production & Distribution by Keskin Color
Stationery Design, 2019.
Bronze A' Design Award in Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design Category, 2019-2020

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