Various logo designs from selected customers.
Logo design, 2019-...
Logo for a project / art / design / reading / creation space: Maika, 2022
Logo for an IT company that specializes in coding for the health sector: Medcase, 2020
Logo for the new addition to Tarko Kozmetik's worldwide distributed and sold brand Lionesse: Lionesse Baby, 2020
Logo for a catering company found by two ("iki" in Turkish) chefs: Iki, 2019
Logo for a farm that also functions as a store and a hotel, founded by two friends who became 35 that year: 35, 2020
Logo for a jewellery brand, of which the name is insired by stars and sea: Matariki, 2021
Logo for a jewellery brand: Pretty Obvious, as the name suggests, 2020

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