Nazli and Ecem Senyuva are two sisters and co-founders of Senyuva Prep, a guidance counseling start-up. They wanted to create a planner to help students keep track of their college applications, take the stress out of managing countless checklists, and turn this journey into a more enjoyable ride.
For the design process, it was important to make the planners user-friendly and easy to navigate. We did not aim for a serious look that would scare the student off, but rather a friendly companion that would ease the student’s mind. The handwriting font choice and craft hard covers with spiral binding set an ‘easy-going’ tone for the planners and match the voice of the writings. The colorful separators and big, bold icons are breathers from the busy schedule and no brainers for fast-paced college preparation.
Stationery design & printing, 2017-2018.

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