Veviski is a blog by Baris Mercan, about whisky and subjects related to whisky such as food, culture and travel. Baris is also a whisky mentor and hosts occasional workshops and tasting nights. The blog won an ‘Altin Orumcek’ award for “Best Personal Blog” in 2018 and is also among the “Feedspot Top 40 Whisky Blogs”. Baris wanted to have a makeover for his blog and have a more fitting logo to match its fancy title; one the best whisky blogs in the world.
Veviski’s new main logo is a circular shape, mimicing the top view of a whisky barrel. The ‘&’ sign (‘ve’ is ‘and’ in English and thus the ‘&’ sign) in the backround is filled with a striped pattern to emphasize the wood material of the barrel. Font and color choice are both contributing to the old school, classy and gracefully aged character of whisky culture.
Whisky Talks is a sub-brand and is used for Baris’s whisky tasting nights. This logo is also driven from the main logo but with a more simplified approach.
Veviski also has two sizes of tablemats and a certificate for each person who attends the tastings.
Branding, 2019

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